We ain’t goin nowhere

Lately, Melody and I have been really conserving our travelling. If I have meetings in the greater GR area, I try my best to get them all on one day. Fortunately, we have a Chevy car that takes Ethanol which is currently 50 cents cheaper a gallon to drive. We loose a couple miles per gallon, but it still comes out way cheaper than basic unleaded.

This week, we aren’t planning on driving anywhere that we don’t get reimbursed for. Wed, we’ll be in Mason all day for a last minute training for the “Proud Parents” workshops that we are teaching through head start. Our first weekend event is this next weekend up north. The nice thing is that Head Start pays us back to travel, and the event is only 10 miles north of Evart. So, we’re stopping in to say hi to some friends while we are up. We’re also doing 7 weekends this summer at the same place, so we’ll be seeing Evart a lot more this summer (BC pizza here we come).

Gas prices suck. There’s no way else to say it. It’s eating away our budget. Each week, we have to readjust our budget because it costs more and more to buy groceries and to drive. We’ve lowered our cell rate, dropped most of our cable, limited our energy consumption, and still our bank accounts get drained from gas and food. It’s got to stop! We can’t afford to keep paying more. I know we aren’t alone in this. We’re just running out of ideas.

We sent out an email to Tapestry wondering if people want to do a combined worship event this summer due to the gas prices. Also, we’re trying to meet the leaders more and more via Skype to save cash. This is crazy. We’re going to turn into hot, hungry hermits that can’t venture out past Ionia soon.


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