Floods, Tornadoes, Houses Burning now this…

So we here in Michigan (and much of the mid-west) has been getting pounded by tornadoes, flooding, storms, (we found out our old house in Evart burned down), and now I see this headline which is like hearing the fourth horseman of the apocalypse is coming:

(From the AP)

“Police say a German truck hauling beer to thirsty fans at the soccer European Championship 2008 in neighboring Austria overturned, spilling 350 cases of its precious cargo across the autobahn.
Police say the truck took an exit ramp too quickly on its way from Munich to Vienna when the accident occurred late last night.
Thousands of bottles were strewn across the road and shattered on impact. It created a sudsy mess that took about 40 firefighters with a bulldozer three hours to clean up.
Police say the 51-year-old driver of the truck was unharmed.
Austria and Switzerland are co-hosting the Euro 2008 tournament, which opened Saturday.”

350 cases of German beer spilled on the road? What’s next God?


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