I used to rule the world…

Part of the reason I’ve been so quiet this week is because I’ve been lost in “Viva La Vida or Death and all His Friends” by Coldplay. It came out on Tuesday and I haven’t stopped listening to it yet.It’s an amazing album (remarkable for an era which seems album-less). They worked with famed U2 producer Brian Eno who really stretched them. You won’t find a typical Coldplay on this album. It’s totally unlike anything they’ve done before. So far, my fav. tracks are the title track (which is out) and “42” as well as “Lovers in Japan” “Stawberry Swing” and “Cemetaries of London.” Incredible.

I’ve also been working hard to get caught up at school, which is kind of burying me right now.

Yesterday, we celebrated Kailey’s birthday (she got sick last week on her birthday). So, we picked up her friend page and cousin Rachel and drove to “Libby Lu’s” which is in Yonkers. The girls all got little make overs, dressed up like pop stars and got t-shirts, a backpack full of girly stuff, Hannah Montana wigs and pink boas. Yes, I was in hell. But, the kids loved it which is all that matters.

Today, Mel and I drive back up north to lead our second weekend w/ Head Start. This weekend is just for the dad’s. My mom is coming over this afternoon to spend the weekend with the kids (and spike). Should be a good and tiring weekend. I feel like I’m just recovering from last weekend!

Anyway, congratulations to Andy on the arrival of his G5 (yes, I got the message. no, I haven’t been able to call back…but I am thrilled for you bro).


One response to “I used to rule the world…

  1. Thanks man…it’s like the precursor to having a child…thank goodness, because with as happy as I am having this computer, I’m not sure if I could handle the joy of having a baby without this sampling. Now I feel like I’ll have stretched before exercising.

    Not sure if that made sense.

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