Blogging from Minneapolis

I am here in Minnesota, land of Pagitt’s and Jones’s. (Of course, THEY aren’t here. They are out touring the country side in a rented RV dressed up like 1940’s revivalists) I am here to lend a hand at “Thrive!” which is an annual church planters training week for the RCA.

Tomorrow morning, I am teaching on “Simple Church” and then later am leading a break out group on “Life Transformation Groups.”

What I am REALLY jazzed about is that there’s a Caribou Coffee a block away from my hotel!!! First thing in the morning, that’s where I’ll be.

This afternoon,  I landed around 2:30 and grabbed a cab from the airport out here to Eagan. Man, there is a lot of trees up here. Anyway, I then got a ride to the church and hung out there. Then, some nice simple church friends took me out for dinner (which was really nice, thanks again!). We got to hang out and tell weird stories of simple church life.

Then, I got back and headed to a leadership meeting at some guys house who had a putting green and mini driving range in his back yard. I then hopped a ride back to the hotel in hopes to catch Caribou before it closed – no luck.

That’s it for tonight. I’m going nighty night.

2 responses to “Blogging from Minneapolis

  1. Follow-up: “How was your morning coffee?”

  2. hippylostintime

    You couldn’t find a Starbucks??? For shame, for shame …

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