Ok ok … here we go

So, today started off EARLY. Tim and I (I’m rooming with the one and only Tim Vink) got up at 6:45, then again at 7, then again at 7:15. I hopped into my ride with Heidi and Susan we grabbed some Caribou Coffee – thank the Lord.

Our first session began at around 8am. Tim shared some great stories and then I got to go up and talk about “simple church” ideas. It was a fun, interactive time. I took some pictures of the group:

You can see by the pictures just how blown away every one was by my amazing teaching!

(ok, I asked them to pose just like they had heard the most amazing, life transforming message ever)

After this, I was able to give another session on the basics of “Life Transformation Groups” which was another fun and interactive hour. We then had lunch, and enjoyed eating with some new friends Jeff and the Brownson’s (who happen to be related to one of my professors at Western Sem).

After lunch was another worship session, followed by Doug leading a seminar on Worship in the RCA. We then broke into workshops and I did my third and final seminar for the day on “worship in the simple church.” We got a smaller room this time, and everyone I figured would come to it came. We had a great time sharing ideas and asking questions.

Dinner was great. They brought in some locally made Chinese food. We had sweet and sour chicken, white and chicken fried rice, pepper steak, lo main, egg rolls, crab rangoon….amazing. While we ate, the leadership team had a meeting after which I asked if I could come back to the hotel to crash – which I did. It’s 11:22pm, and I’m almost catching my second wind now.

Everyone else went back at 7pm for a special healing service. Tim just got back in and told me about some amazing stories. I look forward to hearing more in the morning. Well, I need my beauty sleep – every second counts!


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