We just got home from the Mitchell Musso and Corbin Bleu concert. Not as bad as I thought it would be. We got there two hours early so we could eat at a Mexican stand (pretty good) then let the kids ride a couple of rides. We were waiting to go in, and were able to meet Corbin’s father (who starred in “Jump In” with Corbin)! He was really nice and wished Molly a happy birthday.

We got in and found our seats – second row stage right. We hung out for a minute and Mel noticed that Mitchell Musso was back at the sound board. Right before the meet and greet, he came over by us and took a picture with the kids:

(for those w/out the disney channel, or little girls Mitchell plays “Oliver” on Hannah Montana)

The kids stayed near the meet and greet for a long time, then the show started at 7pm. The opening act was forgetable – I can’t even remember his name – then Mitchell came on. He actually did a really great job for disneyish pop music. After his show, he high-fived the girls on his way to his bus. (they went nuts) Corbin was good for his genre as well. Most importantly, the girls had a great time!

If you want to see more shots, go to:

One response to “Concert

  1. That’s so great man. Way to “Dad up” and make those girls’ year. I bet they were psyched. I’m watching Miley Cyrus on Today Show this morning…not sure why…I guess I’m prepping myself for the years to come. She’s not that bad actually…very few people are singing along…I think it’s because she’s singing newer stuff and they don’t know it…oops, nevermind, they are singing along. They’re just entranced with her. Weird…it’s like New Kids all over again. 😉

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