Ok, I am a bit less a zombie like I was yesterday. We got back Sunday evening from teaching another weekend and while the weekend went awesome, it really hit me hard. 

So, I took some time to just re-connect to some music yesterday. Here’s what I am listening to right now: 

Black Kids – “I Don’t Want To Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance” – read about them in Spin magazine, interesting group. The singer sounds a LOT like a young Robert Smith of the Cure (which is the first thing most people point out). A very art-pop synth style. 

MGMT – I read a review of their performance at this years Bonnaroo Festival, so I checked out their single “To Pretend” – pretty great. Again, art-pop w/ heavy synth. I guess the two guys that started it (originally called “management”) were students at Wesleyan University and just waned to create music experiments together. 

Jars of Clay – Closer EP – just released this morning on Itunes. Excellent! I’ve long supported these guys, they’ve always been great song writers. This ep includes new versions of early songs: “Love Song For a Savior,” and “Flood.” 

Bebo Norman – Britney single – This is the first release of Bebo’s upcoming self-titled album coming out with his new label BEC. It’s a great song that critiques contemporary pop culture and the pressure it puts on young women. 

Pearl Jam – Lost Dogs – amazing album of b-sides and rare tracks. It’s an older release, but I’m going through a Pearl Jam phase right now.


3 responses to “Music

  1. Two things….

    BEC Recordings still exists? That seems like a lifetime ago that I knew who they were….wow. Tooth And Nail’s mainstream endeavor.

    Secondly, have you yet checked out Anathallo??

    I love ’em.

    See you today at 3:30, right? 🙂

  2. yea, mostly because any time I bring up music you bring up Anathallo.

  3. Good. I have to make sure.

    And they’re like the only band I know. 😉

    See you in 45!

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