Come back to life

I am feeling a bit like I’m coming back to life right now. Yesterday, Mel and I taught our last parenting class for the summer. They have been great, but very draining. We’ve met some interesting people along the way from all walks of life. I thrive on these interactions. I just love hearing other peoples stories and dialoging about where we’re heading in our lives.

The past week, I stayed up late each night to watch Michael Phelps swim. Amazing! That’s all I can say. Amazing.

It was fun because Kailey stayed up with me, so we got a lot of extra time to talk. I adore those moments in life when it’s just us talking/interacting (and yes, that goes for Molly and Mel too). Then, this weekend while we were up north, the kids went camping with my mom and brother/sister nearby at a campground. They had such fun! They went swimming each day, ate meals cooked over a campfire and met some new friends. Yesterday, they all went to our family reunion in Lainsburg. I guess there was like 75 people there this year.

After, my sister, brother and niece rachel brought the kids home and we shared some pizza while we watched the new Journey dvd I got last week (if you like Journey, go get it!).

So, I’m just kind of catching back up to life right now and getting my strength back.

See you soon!

2 responses to “Come back to life

  1. I was awed by Guo Jingjing’s diving perfection as well.

  2. Welcome back to life! Let’s do coffee soon! Or Ice Cream…whatev.

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