Why Twitter and Facebook are Killing Blogging

You may have noticed a sharp decline in my blogging lately. Yes, part of that has been due to school and my teaching schedule…however, that is only one slice of the pie. I blame twitter and facebook. They are slowly taking over my life. I can’t help myself. I love being able to twitter short little messages throughout my day to my friends and watch their lives vicariously. I love checking Facebook each time I log on to see how new and old friends are doing.

It’s an interesting, but not that far fetched. Basically, with this blog I can have a pretty one-sided conversation. I post my ideas, and if either Owen brother finds it interesting….they post a comment. On the other hand, I get real-time insight into the Owens’ lives (and the other 441 friends) on Twitter and Facebook. The interactivity has an edge. So what if I can’t waste your time dolling out useless trivia about how YYZ’s drum part is actually the morse code for Y-Y-Z (which is also the call letters for the airport in Toronto, but there it’s pronounced “Y-Y-Zed” which is cooler I think)?

I sit here at my desk typing this crap to some how shoot an arrow of information into cyberspace knowing that someone, sometime, somewhere will read it and possibly someday read it. On twitter, I simply tell my friends that I’m heading to a meeting and they can say “hey, I’m going to be near that meeting, maybe we can hang out after…” and thus create an instant, real-life conversation. So, maybe it isn’t the quantity of the information that we present but the relationship behind that conversation that matters…


One response to “Why Twitter and Facebook are Killing Blogging

  1. Please quit hitting me with your cyber-arrows.


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