Life ranting again

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Metallica “The day that never comes”
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DNC convention


The Parables of Jesus – Luise Schottroff


Ouchy, still

Days have been marred by storms up here in Michigan. We had two fronts move in over the weekend making for some brutally hot and humid days. Pray for my sister Tami and her family as they struggle with potentially loosing Chuck’s sister Mary to cancer. They went into the hospital on Friday morning and Mary’s had two blood transfusions. It doesn’t look good. The hardest part is truly figuring out how to tell my niece who has a form of mental retardation. Last summer, they lost our nephew Justin to a heart condition when he was only 2. This is going to really hit Rachie hard.

During a meeting last week, I heard it say that as “church planters” (a term I really dislike – I think at best we who are called to this should be known as congregation farmers as we just tend the soil and help work the harvest) our job is to grow churches. This was said by a dear friend of mine whom I really respect – which I guess made it harder to hear. I totally understood the point he was making, and yes there was a whole context behind this statement…but I want to address a point that we church people get wrong a lot of time. Our goal should not be to grow churches. Our goal SHOULD be to tend the soil that God has entrusted us and work to grow the Kingdom regardless if our personal congregation grows larger or smaller.

Do I believe that it is good to see numerical growth in congregations. Yes, sometimes and No, sometimes. As a friend of mine once said “a good fight draws a big crowd.” Just because there’s a lot of people attending something doesn’t make that thing a good or bad thing…it just makes it attractive. I don’t think we need to make Jesus attractive. In fact, if Jesus isn’t really ticking some people off we may not be teaching the real Gospel.

I totally understand that as denominations, they have a vested interest to see Churches reproduce and I support that. I want to see more and more people fall in love with Jesus and start living life like him. I just don’t want the ends to justify the means. I know that my friend who stated that churches need to grow agrees with me on this, I just had to get it off my brain.


One response to “Life ranting again

  1. Chad, I love ya man but really… You will never be able to host the 2012 Presidential debates at your mega church with thinking like that. Mcain and Billary will just have to go to Ward.


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