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The Presidential Roundtable

I just heard on CNN that in the meeting today with President Bush at the White House, some interesting things happened. Nancy Palosi is supposed to begin to the dialouge after the Presidents welcome…well, she and the other top Democrat in the room both defer to Barack Obama. Barack lays out the Democratic version of the economic plan. Then, Pelosi gives the floor to John McCain (the person who stopped his presidential race in order to find “solutions” to this crisis) and he doesn’t have anything to say. In stead, he sits silent for over 45 minutes while other Republican’s talk. Finally, after 45 minutes, Obama says to McCain, “Do you have anything to say?”

Isn’t that interesting? He had nothing. He wanted to delay the debates, stopped his campaign because of this crisis and yet when given the opportunity, he has nothing to offer. Um, is that leadership? I don’t think it is. Was this just a way for McCain to get some traction, and try to save some face? It’s looking more and more like he was just trying to look like he was more assertive…but when you make such a big stink, have something to say.



Guess where I’ll be tonight?

If you guessed “at home watching the office” you’d be wrong! (even though, I’d like to watch it live to be honest) Tonight, my dear brother Carlos and I will be attending and speaking at an event hosted by VIS (volunteers in service) over at Brookside Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids.

So, if you want to pull yourself away from dwight schrute and friends tonight (we’ll be done by then really) come and join us: 3600 kalamazoo ave. se

I’ll be there by 6:30pm and we’re speaking at 7:15pm.

Kings of Leon

One of the best, underrated, southern, American bands out: Kings of Leon.

They just released a new album (yes, I said “album” shut up) today called, “Only by the Night” – here’s a track from it called “Use Somebody”They are playing on Later with Jools Holland in England (where they’ve sold 1.5 million albums to date). Great song.

One of my fav. KoL tracks in from their last album called “on call” here’s the video for that:

The Followill family (three brothers, one cousin) are based in Nashville, Tn and are named after their father Leon who was a traveling preacher.

What’s the deal with Microsoft?

So, Microsoft has dropped the terribly boring Jerry Seinfeld adds after a whopping two weeks. (news) They are now going to be putting out new ads that directly attack the famous “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” adds.

Here’s an open note to Microsoft:

Dear Morons,

Apple’s adds are NOT “I’m a Mac and I’m Windows” – it is “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC.” Maybe you’ve forgotten that Windows runs on Apple computers. Maybe you are just smarting because you let Steve Jobs out innovate you. So, that being said, in stead of once again copying an idea from Apple (like you did with Windows), why don’t you just make a better OS? I mean, if people were actually having a better computer experience they would tell their friends and families about it just like we Mac OSX fans tell all our friends and families.


Touring Michigan I go

If all goes as planned, I’ll be leaving on a two day trip with my best friend Jim in the early morning. We are going to travel up the western Michigan coastline and photograph all the lighthouses on the way. We haven’t taken this type of trip since like 1992. So, we are both really excited about it.

On tuesday night, Jim will drop me off at Schuss Mountain where I’ll be at through Friday morning at a Child Abuse Prevention conference. This is for the parenting class that Mel and I are facilitators for.

Then, Mel is driving up to Schuss on Friday morning and will pick me up. We are going to travel up to Mackinaw where we’ll be vacationing for a couple days. This is our 13th anniversary trip/Mel’s birthday! We’re really amped to get away for a short time.

So, the likelihood of me blogging this week is almost nill. Oh, on top of it all, I need to write a ten page paper for class this week! Pray for God’s sustinence.

At home

Well, I was supposed to go meet with Wayne Squires, Carlos and Arlan this morning…but Kailey woke up sick, and to be honest I was up for three hours in the night in pain.

So, I stayed at home all day with Kailey trying to nurse her back to good health.

In the mean time, for some reason (apparently no reason at all) my feet have begun to feel something like my skin has been ripped off them. I hate this, truly. As I was telling a friend at lunch yesterday, I live with a constant reminder of my death and must willfully choose life  at times moment by moment. On the other side of this pain is God’s grace, at the time it varies between hell and sensing Him holding me.

I don’t mean to bumb you out. But I felt like I just needed to write it.


A good video from the good people at hopeinfo have put up a good video w/ our friend Brian Mclaren. Check it out:

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