McCain to drop Palin ?

The New York Daily news ran an article (here) that states that over in England and Ireland, bookies are offering 20-1 odds on that bet. “While it is rare that a VP candidate gets dropped, it’s not completely impossible,” said Ken Robertson, political
betting analyst at Paddy Power Plc, a Dublin-based gambling company. “Lots of our punters are betting ‘Shocking’ Sarah’s
days are numbered,” he added, using a nickname he came up with for the first-term Alaska governor. While it seems kind of far-fetched, it may not be the dumbest move for McCain. Last night, I watched his adviser being interviewed and he was clearly not able to side-step the questions of Palin’s governing over the Alaskan National Guard (which is what he was using as an example of her “vast experience in leadership over Barak Obama and Joe Biden). The reporter kept asking, “Can you just give me one example of her leadership decisions over the Guard?” The guy couldn’t answer, he even started accusing the reporter of avoiding the “real issue.” It was obvious that McCain’s team wanted to get the message out last night that she somehow has more experience than both of the Democratic candidates. Really? Come on, she hasn’t even been a govenor a whole term and in the midst of that she is already under investigation for improperly using her power to fire a police chief who had divorced her sister.

I agree w/ Obama that it is wrong to throw dirt at her for her 17 year old daughter getting pregnant, but what I believe is appropriate to ask is Palin’s ability to become Commander in Chief if McCain dies. I’m not saying that Barack has vast experience either, I am just saying that Palin does NOT have more experience than both Dems.

Honestly I don’t know which decision is worse, McCain picking Palin or McCain dropping Palin. Either way, I personally don’t see it as a good political move.

The odds are not in favor of John McCain keeping Sarah Palin on his ticket, according to bettors.
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2 responses to “McCain to drop Palin ?

  1. It’s a “Hillary hold-out” catcher.


  2. No doubt … when I heard about the Palin choice, I turned to my husband and said, “Are these the same guys ragging on Mr. Obama for his ‘lack of experience?’ I hate to be too political, but the RNC has been little more than Barak bashing (and they said the Dems didn’t deal with issues???) and promises to change … again, isn’t that what they’ve been tearing the Dems up on? Wait … slipping over the line … can’t hold on much longer … better stop writing.

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