At home

Well, I was supposed to go meet with Wayne Squires, Carlos and Arlan this morning…but Kailey woke up sick, and to be honest I was up for three hours in the night in pain.

So, I stayed at home all day with Kailey trying to nurse her back to good health.

In the mean time, for some reason (apparently no reason at all) my feet have begun to feel something like my skin has been ripped off them. I hate this, truly. As I was telling a friend at lunch yesterday, I live with a constant reminder of my death and must willfully choose life  at times moment by moment. On the other side of this pain is God’s grace, at the time it varies between hell and sensing Him holding me.

I don’t mean to bumb you out. But I felt like I just needed to write it.


One response to “At home

  1. If you don’t mind me making light of your situation (this is how I deal with harsh realities – by NOT dealing with them seriously)….you’re like Harry Potter in the 7th book. May I call you “the-boy-who-lived”?

    But IN seriousness…I love you man. Just want you to know. Your friends hate hearing about your pain (although PLEASE keep sharing, because it’s a love/hate knowing what you’re going through), because we love you and don’t want you to have to suffer. I say we give your disease a swift kick in the proverbial arse, and then run away giggling like school kids who just tempted death by putting a penny on the tracks.

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