Touring Michigan I go

If all goes as planned, I’ll be leaving on a two day trip with my best friend Jim in the early morning. We are going to travel up the western Michigan coastline and photograph all the lighthouses on the way. We haven’t taken this type of trip since like 1992. So, we are both really excited about it.

On tuesday night, Jim will drop me off at Schuss Mountain where I’ll be at through Friday morning at a Child Abuse Prevention conference. This is for the parenting class that Mel and I are facilitators for.

Then, Mel is driving up to Schuss on Friday morning and will pick me up. We are going to travel up to Mackinaw where we’ll be vacationing for a couple days. This is our 13th anniversary trip/Mel’s birthday! We’re really amped to get away for a short time.

So, the likelihood of me blogging this week is almost nill. Oh, on top of it all, I need to write a ten page paper for class this week! Pray for God’s sustinence.


2 responses to “Touring Michigan I go

  1. God will lead you and your faith will endure.
    Enjoy what visions are ahead and just remember, Jim once took me to Lansing, thinking we were heading to Sarnia!! 🙂 Lesley

  2. cubzfwjkkhgzpkcrwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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