What’s the deal with Microsoft?

So, Microsoft has dropped the terribly boring Jerry Seinfeld adds after a whopping two weeks. (news) They are now going to be putting out new ads that directly attack the famous “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” adds.

Here’s an open note to Microsoft:

Dear Morons,

Apple’s adds are NOT “I’m a Mac and I’m Windows” – it is “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC.” Maybe you’ve forgotten that Windows runs on Apple computers. Maybe you are just smarting because you let Steve Jobs out innovate you. So, that being said, in stead of once again copying an idea from Apple (like you did with Windows), why don’t you just make a better OS? I mean, if people were actually having a better computer experience they would tell their friends and families about it just like we Mac OSX fans tell all our friends and families.



One response to “What’s the deal with Microsoft?

  1. Someone lock this man up for all of his crazy (read: logical) talk!

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