The Presidential Roundtable

I just heard on CNN that in the meeting today with President Bush at the White House, some interesting things happened. Nancy Palosi is supposed to begin to the dialouge after the Presidents welcome…well, she and the other top Democrat in the room both defer to Barack Obama. Barack lays out the Democratic version of the economic plan. Then, Pelosi gives the floor to John McCain (the person who stopped his presidential race in order to find “solutions” to this crisis) and he doesn’t have anything to say. In stead, he sits silent for over 45 minutes while other Republican’s talk. Finally, after 45 minutes, Obama says to McCain, “Do you have anything to say?”

Isn’t that interesting? He had nothing. He wanted to delay the debates, stopped his campaign because of this crisis and yet when given the opportunity, he has nothing to offer. Um, is that leadership? I don’t think it is. Was this just a way for McCain to get some traction, and try to save some face? It’s looking more and more like he was just trying to look like he was more assertive…but when you make such a big stink, have something to say.


One response to “The Presidential Roundtable

  1. Hello!!! Thanks for this tidbit. Isn’t it amazing … I’m glad we’re just stupid “Chrisitians” who do and believe whatever our church learders and the right wing conservatives tell us. I mean, Obama is democract — he HAS to be evil, isn’t he?

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