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Something scary for Halloween

I wanted to post something scary, and I couldn’t find anything scarier than this. Yes, it is really Kevin Costner singing.


MSU Basketball Ranked #7


Michigan State Men’s Basketball has officially been ranked #7 in the country pre-season!

Ring of Fire

Yes Chandra, I’m in a Johnny Cash mood lately. It usually hits me in the fall, I don’t know why. Perhaps the man in black reminds me of the ever-greying skies?

I Tivo’d this Coldplay concert last night and was thrilled that they played both “Till Kingdom Come” and this version of “Ring of Fire!” The only thing missing is the horns.

Till Kingdom Come

Here is Coldplay playing “Till Kingdom Come” by Johnny Cash at Glatonbury 2005. It is one of those songs that soothes my soul. I need it on nights like this right before snow hits.


MSU beats UofM 35-21!!!!

I’m more than a little happy about this.

So, last night Mel and I took the girls …

So, last night Mel and I took the girls “downtown” (barely able to call it that) Ionia for the annual Halloween bash. What started as a fun night for the kids to dress up and go Trick-or-Treating from business to business has morphed into something ugly.
For one thing, it has become co-opted by local churches trying to “reach” all these halloween loving people (including us?). Literally half of downtown is now dedicated to Christian rap shows and huge Christian men breaking stuff with their heads for Jesus…truly sad. The other half of the street is for normal people to compete in eating chili dogs. There were (no joke) at least 7 different businesses offering chili dogs! Speaking of dogs, some genius from town took their dog with them and let it crap on the sidewalk, amid all the kids and families trying to nab candy! There was literally a trail of poo going up the sidewalk!! Seriously, why would anyone do that?!

We went down with our good friends Brandi and Betsy and their kids Cooper and Sadie. We ran into a troop in full Star Wars gear including Darth, Bobba Fett, two storm troopers and Qui Kon Jin and Obi Wan. They even had the light sabers that actually light up and make sounds (the glass ones, not the cheap plastic ones). Mel got her picture taken with Darth, very funny.

So, that was last nights craziness. Tonight, I am taking the fam to see “High School Musical 3” on opening night. Yes, I seem to have developed a death-wish. No, I bought them over a month ago just so the girls could say that they saw it opening night.

Johnny Cash still rules

nothing more to say, it’s just good to hear his voice again.