Oj and 13

Wanna hear something weird?

As you may know, OJ simpson was found guilty yesterday and faces life in prison. What you may NOT know is:

His verdict was given to him exactly 13 years after his not-guilty verdict. It took the jurors 13 hours to deliberate the verdict.  The date of his verdict: 10/03 (13)

As another weird numeral coincidence the 12 jurors found him guilty on all 12 counts.

I don’t really put much faith in numbers like that, but it is weird.


2 responses to “Oj and 13

  1. I’ve fallen into an alternate reality and it’s 1995 with a different outcome.

    You want to hear something else weird related to OJ? After the whole White Bronco on the run part of this story, Ford decided to do away with that image by replacing the Bronco with the Ford ESCAPE.

  2. hippylostintime

    Why shouldn’t we jive with numbers, if we believe in an ordered universe??? (and a divine sense of humor)

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