Joe the Plubmer is a FAKE?!

If you research this “Joe Plumber” that was spoken of last night on the debate a little bit, you find out that it was a scam. The video’s that are quickly circulating about “Joe Wurzelbacher” appear to be a McCain plant set up prior to the debate in order to look legit.

If you haven’t seen this video, here it is:

Isn’t it interesting how this man is supposedly about to buy a plumbing business that’s worth exactly the same amount as the cut off point in Barak’s economic plan?

This video was taken near Holland, Ohio. Here’s the thing, there is no one named Joe Wurzelbacher living there, or registered to vote there. I’ve scowered the internet looking for him myself, nothing. I did find one report claiming that his name is actually Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher, but again, nothing. The plumbing business that “Joe” mentions doesn’t exist. I found a “Wurzelbacher Brothers” in Cincinnati, but according to the news, Joe is supposed to be in Holland, OH which is a 3 hour communte one way to Cincinnati. There are only 173 Wurzelbacher’s in the whole country. There is one Wurzelbacher in the Cincinnati died in 2004 and is actually connected to the fallout of the Savings and Loan scandal – the son in law of Charles Keating (of the Keating 5) which is tied to John McCain. Beyond this, there is a 1997 divorce record filed in Toledo which has a Samuel Wurzelbacher living in ARIZONA which is John McCain’s home state.

This is getting interesting. Then, I found this video:

You can find more information on this blog.

Another spot with information was who wrote:

“Update 09:37: “Joe” tells ABC he’s registered to vote… but if he is, it’s not in Toledo. A review of the Lucas County voter registration list finds four Wurzelbachers: Phyllis, Frank, Robert, and Kimberly… but no Joe, or Joseph, or Samuel Joseph. [10:32] Ah! But Politico’s Ben Smith finds (and my own review of the Lucas County rolls confirm) that Sam Joe is registered, but his name is spelled wrong: Worzelbacher. Sounds like another case of Republicans putting false names on the voter rolls! 😉

…and he may not be a plumber: I searched the Ohio contractor’s database and found no Wurzelbacher—Sam, Joe, or otherwise.

Wow—not paying taxes, not registered to vote, not a licensed plumber… this is starting to smell”

I just read the local paper in Toledo (the Toledo Blade) and it said that there is no Joe Wurzelbacher (of any spelling) that holds a plumbing license in that whole area. Here’s the article:

So, I am not saying that it is true. I am just seeing enough to be leery of it all.

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