Hello. It’s Sunday, Nov. 30th 2008. Aft …

Hello. It’s Sunday, Nov. 30th 2008. After a long, exhausting four days, I’m home under a fleece blanket, studying Hebrew and other courses (well, not RIGHT now, but generally that’s what I’m doing). The wind and snow are blowing fiercely outside my window, which I can’t even see out of right now because it is covered in ice and snow.

This morning, Mel and Molly and I got up and drove to Lansing to be a part of the annual Enoch’s Path Thanksgiving Brunch. As always, it was great. We all love Kerrie’s french toast w/ heath bar dish and we were blessed by Andy’s amazing lemon bars and Dave and Manda’s awesome egg bake breakfast goodness (that’s what I call it anyway). Then, we hunkered down in the living room to partake in the first Advent celebration including singing w/ Mel on her dulcimer. A great time!

After, we drove through the storm to pick up Kailey from my in-law’s place. They had taken her to spend the night after the Acker family Christmas in Williamston. I didn’t go because I was too sick to get out of bed yesterday. When we arrived today, we discovered that my father-in-law has what I have and can barely talk. Yikes.

The Thanksgiving festivities kicked off on Wed. with the girls half-day. I let them pick where they wanted to eat out as a special treat. They picked Taco Bell, much to my displeasure. Then, we went over to Wal-mart to pick out some movies (by the way, RedBox movie rentals for $1, AWESOME). Then, on Thursday, we drove over to Laingsurg to my uncle Ross’s place for our Aldrich family Thanksgiving – the one with the AMAZING cooking. As always, it lived up to the annual hype. Then, we drove home and enjoyed the Christmas lights from our tree – yes, it was already up – and watched Christmas movies.

Friday, the girls and I got up early and drove over to my mom’s place where we met back up with my sister Tami, and her family and we all piled into their mini-van and drove down to detroit to my Grandma Farrand’s place where we were able to visit with my dad and step-mom, Ruth who had driven up from Chattanooga. They bought a honeybaked ham, and we brought some sides to go with it. Yumm! We stopped by Trader Joe’s on the way so I could buy a case of 3 buck Chuck and a salad to pass. It was Tami’s first exposure to the amazing-ness that is Joe’s. I love showing people great places like that. On the way home, we stopped off at the local Starbucks where I was able to use my new gold card which got me 10% off our drinks! Yea for Starbucks.

All in all, it was too much for me and I crashed on Saturday (as mentioned above). I got up at 8:30, was back in bed by 10, and woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon. I was a sick puppy. Feeling better today, thanks to NyQuil…it’s magical. So, now that I’ve caught you up on my boring life, I dive back into my text books and Hebrew.



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