Day Three

Today is day three of major head ache. I don’t know what’s causing it, but I wish it would go away. We’re supposed to drive out to your friends Betsy and Brandie’s house and hang out for the day watching Christmas movies, making cookies and whatnot. I just don’t want to be a grinch during it.

We found out yesterday that my sister, Christy, is all clear from the tumor in her ear! She doesn’t need surgery or anything! So, we are very thankful.

I’m trying to make it through a book for one of my classes that is testing the boundries of my willingness to read it. I was about 25 pages into it, and had to stop reading. It represents just about everything that I don’t like about Christian education. I just pray that I’m able to force my way through because I won’t allow this book to lower my grade.

Anyway, hope this post finds you well.


One response to “Day Three

  1. Thank God for Christy’s news…that’s awesome!

    Sorry about the headache and the book (maybe you should stop reading the book and your headache will go away). 🙂

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