It’s evening now, December 16th 2008. O …

It’s evening now, December 16th 2008. Outside my office door, I hear my daughter Kailey singing loudly to Christmas songs being played from her Ipod. It’s been a cold, challenging day. It began with a trip to my chiropractor (no, not Jerry…although I still consider him MY chiropractor) to get my neck re-aligned with the rest of my spine in hopes of curing my headache. It worked!

I’ve been locked in the house most of the afternoon pushing my way through this book (see my last post) which I’ve almost completed and the paper to go along with it. I savor the idea that Christmas “break” is coming and we’ve been busy making plans to use the time as a family. We decided that we’d spend a day in Grand Rapids together next week seeing a couple exhibits at the planetarium and museum, followed by a dinner out and a movie (kind of tired just thinking of that day!).

Nonetheless, I’m just doing some touch ups on the paper, and my toes are completely frozen now…I think I’m too close to the window. I’m listening to David Crowder Band on the headphones (which should give you some idea on how loud Kailey was singing) which always helps me center. Just thought I’d stop for a moment to post.


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