2008 was a tough year for the music indu …

2008 was a tough year for the music industry, especially drummers. We lost some amazing drummers this year.

1. Mitch Mitchell – drummer for Jimi Hendrix and the Experience (age 61). Mitch was probably in my top five most influencial drummers in my life. He was one of the first people in the world that “got” Jimi and could play the rhythms inside what Jimi felt.
2. Buddy Miles – drummer for Jimi Hendrix’s band of Gypsies (age 60) – tough year for Jimi’s drummers!
3. Earl Plamer – drummer for Fats Domino, Little Richard (age 83)
4.Mickey Waller – drummer for Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart (age 66)
5. Bill Miller – editor for Modern Drummer magazine
6. Michael Lee – drummer for Page and Plant – (age 39) he drumed on their unplugged session and the tour that followed. Big shoes to fill (obviously) and did a good job. Also played with the Cult, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Thin Lizzy

Of course, any memorial this year has to also mention the passing of the great LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band. Gone, and never forgotten.

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