Change is going to come

There’s a change about to take place in America. Not only do we (as of noon tomorrow) have our first African-American President, this will be the first non-southern President we’ve had since Ronald Reagan. This is the first Democratic President in the 2000’s…and the first Democratic majority in Washington along side the President for a LONG time (I think maybe FDR…which is kind of poetic since we’re pretty much in the same boat as the Great Depression like he faced). This is the most America has ever spent on any inauguration of any President, ever. (estimates are at over $160 million dollars) and they are predicting the greatest turn out to the event…ever in history.

I don’t expect that there will be sweeping changes in Washington as of Wed. morning…in fact, I think we are going to face an incredibly difficult year, perhaps harder than 2008 economically speaking. Yet, I join the 80% of those people who were polled today in Washington DC by CNN who are optimistic about America’s future – as well as the 75% of those who are pessimistic about their own futures. I don’t peg the whole shift in America on Obama, but am hopeful for the first time in a long time…because of Obama. I pray for our new President, his family and our government and for the well being of our country.


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