Watched the new documentary on fallen pastor Ted Haggard the other day. It was created by the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, Alexandra. Here’s an interview with Pelosi on the film. It is a well done film that follows Haggard through till last year while he and his family were still in Arizona trying to sell health insurance to survive. (while it was playing, I checked online and found out that the Haggard family are back in their Colorado Springs home where Ted continues to sell life insurance).

One theme that quickly jumped out to me was this: I found it interesting that the evangelical pastors who preach against “sin” (in particular homosexuality) claim that the message of Jesus is one of judgement and condemnation. Then, after their own “sin” is revealed, the message of Jesus quickly shifts to one of mercy, grace and love. Over and over again we’ve all witnessed this. Of course, these men have stared into the face of their own depravity and have at last heard the message of love that so many who are shunned by their churches crave to hear. Yet, so many continue to only preach this message of love and grace when it applies to themselves. Why can’t this message become what we preach?


One response to “Sin

  1. You REALLY should read “I was wrong” by Jim Bakker. I’ve got a copy if you want to borrow it. It’s long, but a great read.

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