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Wearing the Faith

Interesting article on about the various outer religious garments that people wear, and how others interpret these symbols.


Things That Bother Me

Ok, I’m going to play a little game I saw at Marko’s place.

1. People who pronounce “wash” as “warsh” – this was re-emphasized to me during the course of the Presidential campaign. I won’t say which candidate it was, but he was excited about going to “Warshington”

2. Snuggie – the blanket with sleeves. Do I really have to go on?

3. Stupidly Arrogant People – you know, the people that seize any opportunity to talk about anything and everything at any time. Especially christian ones that use any little thing to stand up and protest based on the creed of ………zzzzzzzzzz

4. Buffet’s – I can’t eat at any place with the word “buffet” in the title. The idea of food just laying around and being “protected” by a sneeze guard…no thanks.

5. People that pull out in front of you on busy street only to pull right out again to go into McDonald’s. 

Doritos Super Bowl XLIII Commercial: Free Doritos!

This was an awesome commercial last night.

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Hulu – Super Bowl XLIII Ads


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