Monthly Archives: April 2009


It’s been difficult to think of what to post here lately. As you can tell, I’ve been wading deep into music lately trying to float through this tidal wave I’ve been on. I feel a bit like a grape that’s been in the sun too long and getting squeezed into wine.

Only three weeks or so since Jer died. We’ve lost a couple others since him, but haven’t truly found my center again since Jer passed. It’s been good to be in contact with Leanna and the kids so much. We’re planning a trip together (one that Jer and I had begun to plan a few days before his death) that we will all take together in the fall.

School has been going good. Still don’t feel like I’m “in the groove” right now, but it’s a needed distraction if nothing else. I’m beginning to feel like a bit of an anchor on my cohort friends as almost each post in my spiritual formation class goes back to loss and pain. My therapist has been great, but there’s still no answers to be found, nor do I believe there will ever be. So, I am finding solace in my family, friends and in music again…which has always been a place where I can find a soothing peace. So, thanks to the artists that have given me peace. Thanks to Dave Matthews and band, thanks to Derek Webb, Jackson Browne, Bob Marley and Metallica. Thanks to Eva Cassidy, Indigo Girls, U2 and REM. Thanks to Dave Crowder, Ray LaMontaine and John Mayer. Thanks to Steven Curtis, Iz and Boston….


Dave Matthews at Abbey Road

Dave playing an amazing version of “Bartender” live from Abbey Road (yes, THE abbey road) – if you get the Sundance Channel, this is a great show to check out.

Funny The Way It Is – Live Last Night

DMB played a show last night at Madison Square Garden, and this guy got a pretty good video of them playing their new single “Funny the way it is” from the back of stage.

DMB in studio vid

One night in Feb this year, 15 DMB fans went to the studio in New Orleans in hopes of meeting the band. Their wish was granted and now we get a glimpse of a new track from “Big Wiskey and The Groogrux King!” You hear Roi really laying it down then it shifts into a rock-groove. I can’t wait for this album to come out.

Awesome video

Winner of Tropfest 2008

Liz Morrisey Karl

We just got a note that our college friend/classmate Liz Morrisey (Karl) died last night from breast cancer. Man this sucks. Liz was awesome! By far the wildest, most fun-loving girl in the whole school. She’ll be missed.