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Frank Viola, Dan Kimball, Alan Hirsch, Len Sweet and MaryKate Morse mp3

You can go here and download and listen to a recent presentation at George Fox put on by Frank Viola, Dan Kimball, Alan Hirsch, Len Sweet and MaryKate Morse.


Good morning starshine

It is 5:30 am Sunday, May 31st 2009. I’m up early for what I can only imagine is a result from the new duregisic patch that I’m trying. No, I’m not quitting smoking, it is a pain patch. I tried them a few years ago, but found that they made me itch everywhere. However, my sister Tami has started using them lately with good results and discovered if you put them on your back, they don’t itch. Well, I up and wide awake, and am starting to itch.

This ends my week “off” from school, and for the most part it’s been pretty fun. While it’s been an “off” week, somehow, I have four papers to write and their all due early this week. So, I basically wrote all but one of them this week. I also used the free time to read a book that is coming out for the It’s a book called “Christ in Ya’ll” and is about living out a missional way. It’s a decent book but you can really see the writers history through it. He’s a southern Reformed pastor who graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary. He draws a lot from Frank Viola and seems to “get it.” Next time I’m down in Tennessee to see my dad and step-mom, I would like to set up a time to get together with the guy. I love his basic idea that we must see Christ in each person and the priesthood of all believers.

Anyway, I’m off to get ready. I’m driving over to Fifth Reformed this morning. We have a meeting at 9am to talk about the weekly sports camp that starts this Tuesday night. It is a kick-off event at our Greenhouse Church site that seeks to bless a local neighborhood. I’m pretty excited about it!

Google I/O Webcast May 27, 2009 “Google Wave”

This is going to be sweet.

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End of school year fun

Ok, so a wild few days. Tuesday was the kids last day of school, and their annual talent show. They both did a great job! Molly sang David Archuella’s “Crush” and Kailey sang, “Love Story” by Taylor Swift and they both nailed it! Kailey also did a cheerleading style dance w/ her friend Virginia that she learned the night before. Great!!

Then the school handed out the awards and certificates. Molly was voted “The Best Behaved Girl” in her room, and Kailey is in the “Honor Roll – all A’s and B’s”

The next morning we packed up and drove two hours to Frankenmuth. At the last minute, we found out that our dear friends Leanna and her two kids could come to the trip so they met us at the hotel. We drove down to Bavarian Inn and enjoyed an early dinner (got the big family style Chicken dinner!!). Then went shopping downstairs in the toy shop. The rest of the night was pretty much them in the waterpark, and me writing a paper for class. We grabbed some Little Ceasers for dinner in our rooms.

This  morning we got packed up and headed next door to Bronner’s (the year round Christmas store – aka Mel’s Mecca). After a little bit, I got the call that my best friend Jim was coming through on his way up to Saginaw so we sat in front of Bronner’s and just talked for awhile (those are the moments). After, we went into Starbucks at Birch Run and bumped into our cousin Nathan Acker who’s a manager at that shop. So, we got in and to our surprise he gave us all coffee for free (hot cocoa for the kiddos)! Thanks Nate!!

A brief shopping trip to the outlet mall, then we went to Tony’s I-75 for ginormous food. Even though I warned her, Leanna ordered the BLT! If you don’t know, Tony’s BLT’s are the stuff of legend. They put 1 POUND of bacon, 1 sliced tomato and half a head of lettuce on a huge Italian roll. No kidding. So, we poured our heavily carbed butts into the Subaru and came home! Thus, the summer begins.

Mel’s backto work tomorrow, which means it is day 1 of Chad’s summer w/ kids! My bud Craig P has just made it a bit easier by meeting me for lunch tomorrow so I get an hour respit from the crazies. So, that’s the update.

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