Putting the “der” in elder

Today, I was officially ordained an elder in the Reformed Church in America at Fifth Reformed Church. It was such an honor to share the stage with some pretty great people. I was totally blown away by the numbers of other elders and deacons who had also served before who cam forward to pray for me and the others. On top of it, my friend Brian and his family from Wayland came to give part of the message! What a time!

Then, this after noon, I drove over to Lansing where I went to a baptism service at the VandenBosch’s place. A great and meaningful time as always. Got some pics (actually, Molly took most of them).

After, I drove over to my moms house and fixed her computer and tried (didn’t work) to hook up my old apple extreme for a wifi connection. I’ll try again later.

Good Night!


One response to “Putting the “der” in elder

  1. Congrats!

    Does this mean I should call you Elder Chad now? Because I think I wil…

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