@alanhirsch "Untamed" – the newest book from Alan and Deb Hirsch 

I just read this book, and I can't tell you enough how critical it is for anyone practicing missional life to read it. It has becoming ever more clear to me that the number one issue facing the Church is the loss of discipleship. Often when pastors quote Matthew 28 to speak of our mandate to "make disciples" what they are talking about is conversion, or evangelism. The problem is that while they focus on "entry points" we've lost the art of making real disciples. The Hirsch's ask what may be the most important question for the Church today, "how can we speak of making disciples when no one has ever taught us how to be disciples?" If we are not truly living as disciples of Jesus, we have zero chance of replicating others in the way of Jesus! Alan and Deb offer an unabashedly wild look into what it means to "reactivate a missional form of discipleship." It isn't for those who want a "discipleship for dummies" book. It isn't for the timid. This book is for those who have an inner burning for being like Jesus, and want to help others catch the flame. 

Join me, and my friends at the upcoming Forge America conference April 9-10th in Wheaton, Il. (link below) 


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