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Windy City here I come

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be heading to Chicago with Carlos and Sarah, and a bunch from Mosaic Way to attend the “Everything Must Change” conference w/ Brian Mclaren. I haven’t seen Brian since last October, and it’s always refreshing to be with him. I think Tim Keel is coming up as well, and I can’t wait to heep on praises to him about his new book. In any case, I’m sure it will be packed with memories as road trips always are…especially when traveling up 80 to Chicago and getting stuck in the inevitable traffic.

Mel is going to drop me off, and the Avrard’s daughter is coming over to spend the night with my girls. They can’t wait!!

We are heading out to our quarterly Parent/Teacher conferences at our kids school. Depending on the girls grades (which have always been good up till now) we typically take them out for dinner to celebrate their achievements. In all honesty, we are going to go out anyway because Mel was gone all day at work making up for two co-workers calling in and I’m not up for cooking tonight.

Then, I’m heading to Lowell at 7pm to hang out at Voyage’s coffee shop with Ben. He and I’ve been talking/praying about hosting a new community there. Pray that God sends some people who need this type of community in their lives.


Mourning in the Morning

Ok, I’ve waited until 5pm to write anything about my MSU Spartans loss to Memphis last night. It’s hard to see them loose, but I give all the credit in the world to Memphis they are a great team. They outplayed us in almost every aspect of the game. It’s a sad way to end Drew’s career, but like we always do, we will rise again next year.  (I mean, Izzo’s record is still 11 tourneys in 13 years with MSU after all)

I went to sleep shortly into the first half. I had an early morning meeting and couldn’t stay awake, even after two cups of coffee.

So, I’m prepping myself for an awards night with the kids. We are watching the “Nick Kids Choice Awards” tonight hosted by Jack Black. The girls have been waiting for weeks for this night. Bring on the slime.

Deiter Zander Update

The people at Deiter’s church in CA have created a blog to keep us all up to date on his condition.

Please continue to pray for him and his family.

Coffee, and then more coffee

This morning, I drove to GR to meet w/ my mentor, Bruce. We always meet at “Biggby’s” coffee on Breton. It was great to catch up as I haven’t seen him since before my intensive last month.

After this, I called up my friend Rob who met me at “Marie Katrib’s” (I don’t know if that is the right spelling) in East GR. We had some amazing omelette’s and some Turkish coffee. I love turkish, but I have to watch my intake. Today, four cups. WAY too much for me. It was SOOOO good though. We had a nice chat about life, church/organic community. Great times!

I spent the rest of the afternoon almost trading in our Volvo for a newer one, but after four hours at the dealership Mel and I pulled out of it. We just didn’t like the sound and feel of it, and didn’t want to add even a small monthly payment right now.

That’s about it. Molly starts Tae Kwon Do tomorrow (God help us all).

Happy Birthday Momma

Today is my mom’s birthday. Out of respect for the elderly, I won’t say exactly how old she is, let’s just say she can remember model T’s on the road (ha ha ha just kidding).

Happy Birthday Mom.

(ps it’s kind of a sad day too as her co-worker friend Sue passed away Sunday night from cancer)

A Pain-filled Snowfall

Last night, as I was studying in my room. One of my room mates came in and said, “Have you seen the snow?” I hadn’t, so I walked over to where our deck is and sure enough, there was a good 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground. I knew then the fate that I would soon suffer. For the rest of the evening, it wasn’t too bad. I studied some, enjoyed a movie and went to bed.

When I awoke, it began. The pain that has become so familiar to me. It started in my hands as tingling nerve pain, then my feet both bit and ached. I got ready after a nice hot shower, and went over to eat some breakfast (I have the same meal each morning, fruit, yogurt and granola and some eggs with ham in it, and of course coffee). Then, headed down to our first Greek session. After about ten minutes, the pain was getting too much for me, so I called my prof over to my table. She’s an interesting person. You can tell she is very strict on grammar and grading, and fairness….with this in mind, I found her reaction a bit strange.

I said, “Listen, I did this lab work last night…” she interrupted, “well, you still need to help your classmates” to which I replied, “yes, I am doing that, but what I wanted to tell you is that the snow is making me hurt terribly and I may need to leave and lay down.” Then, she said if I needed to, I could leave whenever. I just thought it was odd that she assumed I was trying to get out of helping my classmates. Anyway, right after that session, I walked back to my room and haven’t left the bed since. I’m wrapped in three warm blankets and just took a Vicodin XS.

It really stinks not thinking happy thoughts about a snowfall anymore. My whole perspective on winter has changed. I used to love winter for it ushered in hockey season, family time, warm fireplaces, and beautiful snow. Now, I just relate it to misery and pain. I don’t like that this is how I see it, it just is.

Well, I am going to go back to sleep now.

a star in the west

Christmas is almost here. People are bustling with excitement, stress, anticipation and peace (?). We just got back from going to the outdoor nativity performed at Pennway Church of God in Lansing. At one point, there was a mention of the “star in the east” and then the “wise men” came in.

That got me thinking, why is the star named “in the east?” The men who came with gifts (and yes, there were probably more than three, just three gifts) came from the east. That would mean that they followed the star in the western sky right? Maybe I’m wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. It just seems if they CAME from the east and followed an eastern star, they’d end up in China.

But that’s really not the point of the story. It’s all about God showing up on the scene in his relentless pursuit of a wayward Creation. Walter Bruggeman once said that we should re-name the “Old Testament” to “The Story of God’s Wild Pursuit of Mankind.” I like what he’s saying there. No matter how you celebrate this season, I pray that you find yourself pursued by a God that loves deeply, forgives graciously, and is so creative as to send part of himself to earth in the body of an impoverished tradesmen in the early mid-eastern Bethlehem during Roman occupation.

Merry Christmas.