To The Only God

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Here's Chris Tomlin's "To The Only God" performed by Shane and Shane with David Crowder

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cold like hell

Since saturday night, each night here in Michigan has seen near freezing temperatures. While they happen to hit around 1am doesn't seem to make a big difference to most people – but for me these extreme shifts in temperature are a living hell. Each night, I've tried to sleep like a "normal" person but wind up giving up around now (a little past 4am). So why do I share this with you? Because I literally have nothing else to do in the middle of the night other than be quiet and think so my family can rest. So, thank you reader for reading this waste of time. If you are reading this, take some time and pray. Not for me, but for something that will change the world around you. I heard my friend Neil Cole say today, "I have been asking myself each day, 'If Jesus were really the king in my city, what would be different?'" Then, when he is able to see the places and people that need redemption in his city, he's more apt to do something about it – or at least try. In that same broadcast, Shane Claiborne said this great quote, "Independence is a national value not a Biblical value." He was making the point that our national identity of independence has overshadowed the Biblical value of interdependence in community. Therefore, we tend to do what is best for ourselves rather than for the other person/s nearby. In that light, I'll shut up now.

There Can Be Only One

Ok, the date was April 3rd, 2010. Two friends venture to Detroit, MI for one purpose – to settle the long-standing battle between two coney island greats: "Lafayette" and "American" coney islands. These restaurants are located on Lafayette right down town and stand LITERALLY right next to each other. In D-town, there are Lafayette fans, and American fans but no one can be both. So, we hoped into my truck and drove the two hours to finally make a ruling. This trip was inspired after seeing Adam Richmond on the Travel Channel stop here – and couldn't get a definitive answer. The rules: Get the exact same order at each place to make sure it was fair comparison. We agreed on one dog, with the works (mustard, onions) and small fries. So, we pulled up and parked. Walked across the street still trying to decide which one we were going to try first when the owner of Lafayette whistled at us and waved us in (telling us we had no business going next door as well!). He sat us right down and took the order. Lafayette isn't a place to come for nice fixings or shiny walls. This is a classic hot dog joint, no bones about it, just good/great food. Within seconds, we had our plates and drinks in front of us. The first thing I notices was the dark coney sauce was going to be a mess, but a fun mess! My first bite, I was shocked by the quality greek spices in the meat! It really gives it a good kick. Nothing terribly distinguishable about the mustard, the onions were fresh and chopped well. The bun seemed a bit frail to try to contain the goodness within.

After, we got up and walked next door. American goes the other way with decor. It's shiny, resembling a trendy 50's diner (which immediately turns me off, give me the blue-collar, real food fanatics). We are greeted by the nice staff and order the exact same thing. Just as quick, our meal appears in front of us. Notable stand outs: 1. The hot dog – I liked but Jim preferred the dog at Lafayette since American uses Kogal viennas and he doesn't like the crispness, I do  2. The bun – we both agreed the bun at American was superior, more sturdy than our buns next door. 3. The onions – both offered fresh onions, but the onions at American were chopped a bit less so you get that bigger bite from the onions. However, neither of us preferred the sauce over Lafayette, and the mustard was a stalemate.

So, if we have to choose a winner. We choose Lafayette. It's just a better overall taste. We asked ourselves if we'd drive down again for one of them, and honestly, I would for a Lafayette dog.

There you go. In the battle of the famous two coney dogs of detroit: The Winner if Lafayette!!!

Go try for yourseflf. You'll end up with great food and a small way to support our struggling city.

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@alanhirsch "Untamed" – the newest book from Alan and Deb Hirsch 

I just read this book, and I can't tell you enough how critical it is for anyone practicing missional life to read it. It has becoming ever more clear to me that the number one issue facing the Church is the loss of discipleship. Often when pastors quote Matthew 28 to speak of our mandate to "make disciples" what they are talking about is conversion, or evangelism. The problem is that while they focus on "entry points" we've lost the art of making real disciples. The Hirsch's ask what may be the most important question for the Church today, "how can we speak of making disciples when no one has ever taught us how to be disciples?" If we are not truly living as disciples of Jesus, we have zero chance of replicating others in the way of Jesus! Alan and Deb offer an unabashedly wild look into what it means to "reactivate a missional form of discipleship." It isn't for those who want a "discipleship for dummies" book. It isn't for the timid. This book is for those who have an inner burning for being like Jesus, and want to help others catch the flame. 

Join me, and my friends at the upcoming Forge America conference April 9-10th in Wheaton, Il. (link below) 


Forgive me,  I'm a bit confused. For the past week, I've been tracking the countdown to Itunes 10 billionth download. Why? Because Apple is giving the owner of the 10 billionth download a 10,000 dollar Itunes card. Hey, why not? Well, last night it was pretty close, and when I awoke this morning I watched it ebb towards the goal and at the last second bought a Johnny Cash song (no regrets there!). Just after, the screen flashed 10billion! A second later, it reset to 9,994,382,192  … what?

I've won contests in the past. In junior high, for example, I won a "boom box" stero complete with DUAL cassette decks (knarly)! It this contest, all the people who helped clean up the city that day got their names added to a box and the principle randomly pulled out my name. Just like that. So, I think I've had a weird relationship with looking at contests as "possible" from then on. However, the older I get, the most disillusioned I've become in trusting the integrity of contests. Does McDonald's ever really pay out on their Monopoly? (in fact, they got in trouble years ago when it was discovered they weren't paying out). Why do we put faith in randomness? Why trust in something you have no real chance of winning? Remember the old phrase, "you have the same chance of dying in a plane crash than winning the lotto….but when asked, many people would say to the plane crash 'that'll never happen"…those same people would say to the lotto 'well, it's gotta happen to someone.'"

Wrestling with Jesus

Tonight, we talked about the moments leading up to and during the
“Last Supper.” We wondered about why Jesus sent two disciples in
secret to prepare the feast w/out telling the others? We also got a
little caught up in the mood of the room and what it must have felt
like to be Jesus sharing this last special meal with his dear friends,
all the time knowing one of them was betraying him. We spoke a little
bit on the Jewish customs for the feast of unleven bread during
passover and the symbolism in that meal to the death of Jesus….all
this and more.

I’m really getting to love this group of friends and appreciated
everyone’s comments and questions. See you soon!